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Wolf House, Silverdale

In 1972 Ted and Denise Dowbiggin moved to the 17th century farmstead Wolf House, Silverdale with their daughters Nicky and Rachel. The house was called Lindeth Lodge, but the locals knew it as ” The Wolf House” owing to a legend that the last wolf in England was slain at Humphrey Head, just across the bay. To add to this, there is a coat of arms above the studded front door showing a wolf with the Latin inscription ” homo homini lupas” – man is wolf to man, the motto of the Fleetwood- Hesketh family ( Peter Fleetwood Hesketh founded Fleetwood ).

It seemed appropriate to Ted and Denise to name their home Wolf House. Based on their passion for hand crafted British art and pottery and good homemade baking, Wolf House Gallery was born in the front room of the house in 1973. From these beginnings the gallery, cafe and cottages have flourished as a rural business and a wonderful way of life for the family over the next 40 years and beyond.

In 2005 Ted and Denise decided to hand over the running of the gallery and cafe to others whilst continuing to manage the cottages. Following Ted`s death in 2007, Denise and family continue to enjoy welcoming both regular and new visitors to this special corner of Morecambe Bay.

The Dowbiggin family have always shared their home with dogs, cats and whilst Ted was alive, Silky hens. William and Mary, Denise`s cats are friendly but persistant and Todd the Border terrier might give you an exuberant but child friendly welcome.

wolf house silverdale coat of arms

Wolf House Coat of Arms

a family picture, owners of wolf house silverdale
Denise and family